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Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

Duration: 2 Years (Full Time) Times: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 14:30
Qualification: CAIE General Certificate of Education

What is CAIE?

Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) is an international examining body wholly owned by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The CAIE examines close to a million students per year in over 160 countries.

Is this for me?

Are you looking for an opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised Matric equivalent?
Do you want to study somewhere that caters for different personalities and individual skill levels? The flexibility of the CAIE system will expose you to a new way of teaching and learning in a different environment. CAIE is recognised both locally and internationally and once you have successfully completed all the required subjects, you will be able to access higher levels of post-school education if you would like to study further.

What do I need to get in?

  • Completed Grade 10 with the discretion of the ELMI Academic Board

What certification do I get?

On successful completion, ELMI will upload your student information and results to MICT SETA who will conduct a moderation and verification after which successful students will receive their NQF certificate from MICT SETA.

What subjects are offered?

• The CAIE qualification is internationally recognised and accepted at most SA Universities. • Builds new abilities and skills you need in life
• Different levels and subject choices provide many options to cater for individual skill levels. • Each stage builds on knowledge already gained
• Provides excellent preparation for higher education and educational success. • Wide range of subject choices to suite individual needs

What certification do I get?

Your certification will depend on your subject choices and subject level combinations.

  • CAIE General Certificate of Education
  • SA Certification: On successful completion of required subjects you are eligible to apply to SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) for a South African Senior Certificate equivalent. Your subject choice and levels will determine if a Matric certificate is granted with or without a Matric exemption. Remember, each university (AND each faculty) will have its own set of admission requirements for school-leaving certificates, so it’s a good idea to check if your chosen university will recognise and accept your chosen subject combinations and levels.

A senior certificate equivalent:

  • 5 x IGCSE and 2 x AS Level subjects with a minimum grade of E, or:
  • 3 x IGCSE with a minimum grade C and 2 x AS Level subjects with a minimum grade of E

A senior certificate equivalent with an exemption:

  • 5 IGCSE & 4 AS in two exam sessions (June & November exams of the same year are considered to be one sitting)
  • At ELMI, Mathematics AS is compulsory.

How will I be assessed?

The academic year is divided into three terms with external examination sessions held in May and October of each year which are set and marked by the CAIE. There is also continuous assessment throughout the year comprising of a series of internal tests and assignments, and internal mock examinations at the end of the 2nd and 3rd terms

What are my options if I want to study further after the course?

You may further your studies in any NQF level 5 qualification that lists a NQF 4 or Grade 12 or equivalent as an entry requirement. In addition, certain Universities recognise the CAIE qualification (dependent of subjects, levels and grades) as meeting the minimum entry requirements for certain qualifications or faculties. It is your responsibility to enquire with the relevant Higher Education Institution as to whether they will recognise the CAIE certificate as an entry requirement.

Why choose the CAIE route?

English* English*
Afrikaans* Afrikaans
Travel & Tourism Travel & Tourism
Business Studies Business
Art & Design Art & Design
ICT Economics
Economics Mathematics
Development Studies Computer Science
Commerce O Level Design & Technology
Computer Science
Design & Technology

Subject Choices for Matric Exemption

Should you wish to achieve an equivalent of a Senior Certificate with exemption, the following applies:

  • You will need 5 IGCSE & 4 AS in two exam sessions (June & November of the same year are considered to be one sitting)
  • English at IGCSE and AS is compulsory
  • Afrikaans at IGCSE is compulsory
  • Mathematics IGCSE and AS is compulsory
  • You can then choose between Art & Design AS, Economics AS, Business AS, Computer Science AS or Design & Technology AS on condition that the equivalent IGSCE subject has been taken
  • Have a look at the table below:

First Year/Grade 11 Equivalent – 5 required:

Subject Compulsory Choice
Afrikaans IGCSE (Group 2) YES
Mathematics IGCSE YES
Computer Science IGCSE YES
Design & Technology IGCSE YES
Art & Design IGCSE YES
Business Studies IGCSE YES
Economics IGCSE YES

Second Year/Grade 12 Equivalent – 4 required:

Subject Compulsory Choice Minimum Grade Required
English AS YES D
Mathematics AS YES D
Computer Science AS YES C
Design & Technology AS YES C
Art & Design AS YES C
Business AS YES C
Economics AS YES C

Where and How will the classes be held?

The course will be run at our East London Campus at 231 Upper Oxford Street, Southernwood. Classes are held daily and the timetable resembles that of a regular school schedule. The learning environment is relaxed and friendly, but strict adherence to the College Code of Conduct is demanded.

What's included in my course fee?

  • ELMI Registration fee
  • Tuition material and textbooks
  • Classroom Lectures and personal mentorship
  • ELMI Branded Kit Bag
  • Access and use of ELMI computer studios

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